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What is JoLT?

JoLT: Jewish Learning Together is a cutting-edge Jewish learning program, the kind that has children and families clamoring for more. Like learning a sport, our children will not merely study the rules of the game, but rather will learn by doing. They will not be just spectators but rather participants, with a focus on what children are able to think, feel and do Jewishly. While we may occasionally use terms such as “school” and “classes” in relation to JoLT, we intend for the experience to be much more informal and experiential than traditional synagogue religious school educational programs.

Who Should Attend JoLT?

Participation in this experiential Shabbat learning program is encouraged for all Agudas children in grades K-6 (public/private & secular/parochial school students), providing the opportunity for our youth to create close and cohesive relationships irrespective of their weekday educational environments.

The manner in which students are divided by age will depend upon final enrollment.


JoLT is still being offered to members for free! If you'd like to make a youth programming donation to the shul, click here


For more information or to register your child/ren for JoLT, please email Janet at


What about Weekday Hebrew School?

We are maintaining the Hebrew School collaborative with Tifereth Israel for children 3rd grade and above who are not enrolled in a Jewish Day School.  Contact Janet Zucker for cost and other details at or 614-237-2747 x111.


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